“I love Nick Verzosa - Big heart, soulful voice, hard worker, good writer and good man to ride the river with.
I dig his writing and always look forward to hearing what he’s into and up to next.”
— Walt Wilkins
Don’t think this is the same old Texas music that you hear time in and time out. There’s more to life - even in the Lone Star state than drinking, armadillos, and proclaiming yourself to be the biggest “bad ass” simply because you can. Don’t get me wrong, there is a fun side to Verzosa that comes through ion such cuts as “Keep Quiet” and “Lay You Down” but on tracks like “Just A Heart” and the romantic “Come Back to Bed” he comes closer to channeling the 70’s and 80’s work of acts like Alabama or Conway Twitty with his rough yet tender approach. And, the amazing thing is whether it be swagger or serious, it all seems to work quite well.”
— Chuck Dauphin, Music News Nashville, Billboard 615

Staunchly independent, Nick Verzosa has proven to be that necessary mix of pure talent, hard work and personality required to dig deep roots into the always competitive Texas music market and shows the ability to spread his branches outside the state lines as well. Relatable lyrics flow over the smooth gravel in the bottom of Nick’s voice and tumble powerfully over the edge in the most poignant moments of his songs.

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