Nick Verzosa: Roots  

Staunchly independent, Nick Verzosa has proven to be that necessary mix of pure talent, hard work and personality required to dig deep roots into the always competitive Texas music market and shows the ability to spread his branches outside the state lines as well.  His strong belief in working hard for what you want is self-evident in his road-warrior mentality, still finding time to vigilantly hone his songwriting craft, which he would tell you is his true passion.  Relatable lyrics flow over the smooth gravel in the bottom of Nick’s voice and tumble powerfully over the edge in the most poignant moments of his songs. 


LOVE IN PRINCIPLE is a six-song EP is co-produced by Verzosa and multi-dimensional artist, AJ Vallejo, who is recognized not only for his success in the notorious Austin-based rock band Vallejo, but also for his production chops on projects that include Jessica Kellner from NBC’s “The Voice,” and American Idol alumni Kendall Beard.  AJ also stars as producer on the band’s debut music video for their first single “Love On It.”  Verzosa’s growth spurt as a songwriter has never failed to attract the attention of major players in the songwriting game, and music connoisseurs who prefer finely aged and intelligently crafted songs over cheap cliché anthems. LOVE IN PRINCIPLE is a strong message of that four letter word that encompasses all of the higher qualities of the human condition.   


The belief and support surrounding Nick Verzosa boasts a pedigree of great distinction including universally respected and admired songwriter, artist and producer Walt Wilkins who produced the band’s first EP, THE SMOKING GUN in 2010 and his first full length album, SHE ONLY LOVES ME in 2011.  Combined, these two noteworthy efforts brought in five Top 40 singles on the Texas Music Chart establishing the College Station-based band as a respected contender for the attention of the great Texas music fan base.  While they continue to build a lasting impression among fans, they have already earned the respect, love and reputation as a tight, professional group, by many of their brothers and sisters in arms. 


"I love Nick Verzosa - Big heart, soulful voice, hard worker, good writer and good man to ride the river with.
I dig his writing too, and always look forward to hearing what he's into and up to next."

- Walt Wilkins, singer/songwriter/producer


A force on the live music circuit, tackling an upwards of 200 shows a year, Nick Verzosa is a consummate entertainer snagging co-bills with acts like Chris Young, Reckless Kelly, Zane Williams, The Damn Quails and Walt Wilkins and the Mystiqueros.  The growing buzz is contagious, and music fans are responding quite nicely to Verzosa’s kind of medicine. “Most people can’t afford a therapist.  Music is the best kind of therapy I’ve got.”